Landry General Enterprises, Inc
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General Contractors

LGE Construction is a Beaumont based, privately held corporation in the State of Texas. Our company provides premier services to government and private sector clients. We employ only subcontractors that are proven and tested in the construction industry.  We are a true diversified corporation offering Aggregate truck hauling and construction services.

Our Company has been recognized as a Texas HUB Business            The City of Beaumont, Texas Certifies that we are a (MBE)

HUB Certificate/VID Number 1262297900800                                                             Minority Business Enterprise                 File/Vendor Number 491507




   Professional Services 

    * Concrete Repairs     * Curb/sidewalk & repairs             * Transportation

    * Demolition           * Residential & Commercial Drywall    * Painting

    * Landscaping Services * Residential & Commercial Remodeling * Flooring

    * Janitorial & Cleaning* Apt & Home Make-Ready               * Roofing

    * Tree Removal             



Our company has completed over One Hundred Commercial projects for HUD since 2011.


Our Business Insurances include: Commercial General Liability, Auto Liability, Workers Comp. and City Bonded.